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High Alumina Bricks belong to a kind of neutral refractory materials and are made of bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content, which have excellent features of high refractoriness, high refractoriness under load, good thermal shock resistance, good slag erosion and spalling resistance and are mainly used heating furnace lining in all kinds of iron & steel industry, chemical industry and cement industry and so on.

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A lightweight insulating refractory brick which displays excellent refractoriness for an insulating material. Select. English; EU English; French Canadian; UFALA® A 60% alumina brick shape: Select. English; Canadian English; Spanish; ULTRA-EXPRESS® 70: A 70% alumina, free flowing, ultra-low cement castable: Select. English; Spanish; ULTRA-EXPRESS® 80

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Our main products: refractory material for industrial furnaces, such as high-alumina brick, clay brick, silicon brick, high-strength diatomite brick, light weight insulation brick, low iron mullite brick, etc.; anti-stripping alumina brick, alkali proof brick, phosphate brick for cement industry; For the industrial furnace and power boiler, we can provide abrasive brick, corundum brick, mullite brick, wear resistant castable, corundum castable, high strength low cement castable, impervious

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Refractories by industry. Industrial boiler; Cement kiln refractories; Glass kiln refractories; Lime kiln refractories; Metallurgical Industry refractories; Refractory brick. Fireclay brick; High alumina brick; Insulating brick; Acid resistant brick; Refractory castable. Castable refractory; Refractory mortar; Refractory cement; Ceramic fiber

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ered massive deposits of high purity bauxitic kaolins at Eufaula, AL. This permitted the company’s Bessemer and Fairfield, Alabama, plants to manufacture significantly improved high-alumina brick that became a refractory of choice for much of the refrac-tory consuming industries. • In 1967, Harbison-Walker was purchased by Dresser

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China Refractory Brick supplier, High Alumina Brick, Lightweight Insulating Brick Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Henan Lite Refractory Material Co.,Ltd.

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Manufacturer of furnace refractories such as refractory bricks including fire brick, furnace brick, & insulating brick. Insulating brick & refractory brick such as fire brick & furnace brick are made bubble alumina & dense bricks with a maximum in-use temperature of 3400 degrees F. Bricks used in dry hydrogen atmospheres & corrosive environments, avoiding discoloration & out-gassing.

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Zhengzhou Xinke Refractory Material Co., Ltd., Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting High Alumina Brick, Refractory Brick and 3386 more Products. A Verified CN Gold Supplier on Alibaba.com.

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Alumina Refractory Bricks, shaped refractory material, are a kind of refractory bricks with different alumina content.There are many types of alumina fire bricks according to different alumina content and raw materials, such as Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick, High Alumina Refractory Bricks, Aluminum Insulation Brick, Alumina Bubble Brick and so on.

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High strength high alumina refractory castable is made of super high alumina clinker, composite binders and adhesives. The products are featured with high strength, good wear resistance, permeability resistance, erosion resistance, good mechanical properties, convenient construction, etc.

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Aug 18, 2017 · All kind of refractory brick for industry (Cement Plant ,Industry Boiler etc..) (Fireclay light weight insulation brick ,high-alumina light weight insulation brick) Application industry

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High alumina brick is widely used for Widely used in blast furnaces, Hot Blast Stove,Steel ladle lining, Reheating furnace, Cement kiln, Tunnel kiln,boiler, coke oven, carbon furnace, glass kiln, Steel smelting furnace and various kiln lining and thermotechnical equipment, etc.

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Jan 22, 2016 · Refractory Brick, Castable, High Alumina Brick, Insulation Brick, Magnesite Brick, Calcium Silicate Board Company Introduction We have hundreds of varieties of refractory that can meet the demand of iron and steel industry, glass industry, boiler industry, chemical industry, cement industry and non-ferrous metal smelting industry.

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Rongsheng Refractory manufacture the main products are as follows: high-alumina brick, fireclay brick, light-weight insulating fire brick, wear-resistant castable, corundum castable, low cement castable, plastic refractory,etc. RS customizes and produces shaped and unshaped refractory materials according to general standard and customers’ special requirement.

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High Alumina Bricks High Alumina Bricks are produced with select bauxite chamotte as main raw material, fired at 1450-1470 °C by advanced process with strict quality control. These bricks are used in all kinds of industrial furnaces and high temperature areas to prolong the lives of furnaces.

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4.High mechanical intensity. 5.Small thermal conductivity. Application: Light Weight Refractory Clay Bricks is of low price, but of good thermal vibration stability and thermal insulation, mainly used in thermal boiler, glass kiln, cement kiln, fertilizer gas furnace, blast furnace, hot-blast stove, coking furnace, electric furnace, casting, etc.

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Jul 23, 2018 · RS Fire Bricks Company is a professional refractory material manufacturer, which is renowned for high quality refractory fire bricks domestic and overseas. The primary fire bricks in RS are high alumina bricks, magnesia bricks series, insulating fire bricks , carbon bricks,etc.

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Refractory Brick Alumina Silicate Bricks High Alumina Bricks Clay Fire Brick Mullite Bricks Zircon Bricks Phosphate brick Corundum Brick Carbon brick Alumina Carbon Brick Carbon Refractory Brick Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon brick Magnesia Bricks Silicon Carbide Bricks Shaped Refractory Brick Other Refractory Bricks; Castables Refractory Castable

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HarbisonWalker International (HWI) has been serving the aluminum industry for over half a century, and today it is one of the top refractory suppliers to the world’s largest aluminum producers. When you choose HarbisonWalker International, you’re choosing quality without compromise.

high alumina lightweight brick for industry boiler

Fangkuai Boiler takes advantage of the high efficient condensing waste-heat recovery equipment to absorb the sensible heat in the high temperature smoke and the latent heat in the condensation of steam released by the boiler, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

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Alumina content in fireclay bricks approximately 28-45% are classified to Medium-duty Fireclay Brick and super-duty fireclay brick; Alumina content in fireclay bricks between about 10-28% are classified to low alumina fireclay bricks. Good thermal shock and spalling resistance. Good volume stability at high temperature. High mechanical strength.

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Alumina Bubble Brick has features of high temperature resistance, high refractoriness under load, volume stability, good thermal shock resistance, high strength, low thermal conductivity, low bulk density and good thermal insulation that can be used as the insulation lining of petrochemical black furnace, gas-generating furnace and the lining materials for the high temperature furnace.

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The wear resistant castables, made from fused corundum, super grade bauxite, sillimanite, alumina powder and silicon powder as raw materials, are featured with convenient construction, good wear resistance, good spalling resistance, and high strength at early and mid-high temperature period, which overcome the disadvantages of traditional castables

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RS Soft Fire Brick perform lightweight and high insulating value as the furnace wall that can improve the efficiency and lower the operating costs. High Strength RS Soft Fire Brick play a high compressive strength for resisting the high temperature erosion, which is suitable for together with hard fire brick to add strength to the whole construction.

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The term refractory in the boiler industry can refer to either a plastic or a castable-type material. According to withdrawn standard ASTM C-64, a plastic refractory is divided into 5 basic categories: high-duty fireclay, super-duty fireclay, 60% alumina, 70% alumina, and 80% alumina.

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Insulating firebrick are commonly used in furnaces, kilns, boilers, incinerators, and other high temperature process equipment. Our premium BNZ insulating firebrick offers high strength and a uniform fine structure. This brick is offered in standard ASTM grades . BNZ 26-60 is a high alumina 2600 degree brick.

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Silica Insulation Bricks are one kind of light weight insulation bricks with over 91% silica content and less than /cm3 density, which can service in the high temperature between 1500~1550℃ for long term and are wildly used for the insulation of industrial furnace such as glass plant furnace and other furnaces boilers with features of light weight, high strength and low thermal conductivity.

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Our main products: refractory material for industrial furnaces, such as high-alumina brick, clay brick, silicon brick, high-strength diatomite brick, light weight insulation brick, low iron mullite brick, etc.; anti-stripping alumina brick, alkali proof brick, phosphate brick for cement industry; For the industrial furnace and power boiler, we can provide abrasive brick, corundum brick, mullite brick, wear resistant castable, corundum castable, high strength low cement castable, impervious

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Oct 26, 2015 · Various grades of silica brick have found extensive use in glass making and steel industry. High alumina refractories Alumina refractories containing more than 45% alumina are generally termed as

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Fire clay brick has low porosity and are durable for various re-heating process. Fire clay brick is mainly used in the low temperature parts of blast furnaces, waste incinerators and glass melting furnaces . Light weight insulation brick, High alumina brick , refractory brick for pizza ovens , Castable, Bauxite etc.

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Lightweight High Alumina Brick is important insulation materials for heating furnace. Lightweight high alumina brick has features of high refractoriness, low density, abundant raw materials, low price, which is more ideal insulation material comparing with other lightweight insulating materials.

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JM23 Mullite Insulation Brick; High Alumina Insulation Brick; Clay Insulation Brick. Light Weight Clay Insulation Brick; Silica Insulation Brick. Light Weight Silica Insulation Brick; Ceramic Fiber. Ceramic Fiber Wool; Ceramic Fiber Rope; Ceramic Fiber Paper; Ceramic Fiber Cloth; Ceramic Fiber Board; Ceramic Fiber Blanket; Unshaped Refractory. Refractory Castable

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Our main products: refractory material for industrial furnaces, such as high-alumina brick, clay brick, silicon brick, high-strength diatomite brick, light weight insulation brick, low iron mullite brick, etc.; anti-stripping alumina brick, alkali proof brick, phosphate brick for cement industry; For the industrial furnace and power boiler, we

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Light weight high alumina brick, also called high alumina heat insulation brick, its alumina content is in 48% above, light weight high alumina brick uses alumina clinker with high alumina content normally, add a few clay, mixture particle passes grind fine hind, with gas generation method or foaming method cast in the form of mud, shape, finally fired and made in 1300~1500 degree high temperature.

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Lightweight Insulating Firebrick WEIGHT: 1 KG Good thermal insulation properties HIGH ALUMINL BRICKS China Suppliers Quality Production The latest environmentally friendly and efficient friendly and efficient Refractory tunnel kiln production line REFRACTORY BRICKS

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High Alumina Bricks are widely used in the fields of iron and steel, nonferrous, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemical, machine, boiler, light industry, power, and military industry etc. High Alumina Bricks Specification

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High alumina bricks series refractory material description:The normal high alumina bricks is divided into LZ-75、LZ-65 、 LZ-55 、LZ-48 kinds of numbers,high alumina refractory bricks has the characteristic of high refractoriness according to the physicochemical index, high load softening temperature, thermal shock stability, acid, alkali, anti-erosion and so on.

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