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Z-Wave Device Support Document For HelixTM and Gateways 1. INTRODUCTION Resolution Products’ Helix security and automation platform, and the Interactive Gateway Modules (IGM) provide an ability to interface with a broad range of commercially available

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The Z Wave protocol is a method for wireless communication between home automation devices. It is a set of standardized commands that make it easier for a wide range of devices to communicate with each other. WiFi is an example of another protocol. For a more technical explanation, visit here.

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Use it to control electric baseboards and convector heaters all from your Z-Wave hub’s app interface.   Reduce your energy consumption by 30%   with custom heating schedules, or just switch to the thermostat’s built-in Economy mode to keep things efficient.

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Page 2 ZTS-500, Z-Wave Smart Thermostat Introduction The ZTS-500 (Figure 1) is a security Z-Wave enabled thermostat designed to control the majority of HVAC systems. A security Enabled Z-Wave Plus Controller must be used in order to fully utilize the product.

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Z-Wave Heating Thermostats; Thermostats. Items 1-12 of 21. Support in a fast and professional manner . 14 day time for reflection. Not satisfied with your order

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Home / z wave boiler support Z-Wave Home Automation Australia - DOME Wireless The Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve allows you to remotely turn ON/OFF a water valve using Z-Wave. You can use it to automate your water boiler, irrigation system, radient heat system or anything else that uses a quarter-turn ball valve.

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Apr 13, 2014 · I could replace the CM927 with a Secure SCS318 and boiler relay to start with, which is a direct equivalent, but z wave enabled. Wife friendly, as time/temp changes can be done from its panel. Then add z wave trvs as I go along.

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The Aeotec Z-Wave Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 allows devices such as heating and water level systems to be monitored via Z-Wave with precision. It offers universal compatibility with any dry contact switch, relay or third-party sensor, opening a whole new work of integration and intelligence for Z-Wave systems. is a dry conatct sensor that can

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The Z-Wave Alliance was established in 2005 as a consortium of companies that make connected appliances controlled through apps on smartphones, tablets or computers using Z-Wave wireless mesh networking technology.

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Z-Wave ensures a reliable communication by reconfirming every message (two-way communication) and every mains powered node can act as a repeater for other nodes (meshed network) in case the receiver is not in direct wireless range of the transmitter.

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The Aeotec Z-Wave Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 allows devices such as heating and water level systems to be monitored via Z-Wave with precision. It offers universal You just need to connect the matched external sensor on it, such as the water level sensor, dry contact switch, dry contact relay.

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Z-Wave Secure Boiler Receiver - two channels . Special Price €92.50 Regular Price €94.95. Add to Cart. Add to Compare Support in a fast and professional manner .

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Home / FAQ and End User Support Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about our HeatIt products. If you have other questions – please feel free to contact us and and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Oct 04, 2019 · With many manufacturers and Z-Wave hub types to choose from, getting the best can be an overwhelming task. In this regard, you need to consider such aspects as the functionality, accessories, flexibility and support options offered by the various Z-Wave hubs.

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Wave. Smart heating and hot water control on the go. The Wave smart control is the first of a new generation of Worcester controls. The Wave is a smart, internet-connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smart phone or tablet.

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Using Z-Wave to control your heating will give you a high degree of control and can be part of a complete Z-Wave home automation system also controlling your lights and security. However, creating a heating system, particularly a multi-zoned system based on Z-Wave can become very complex to program and configure.

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Apr 16, 2018 · The Z-Wave protocol is a wireless means of allowing interconnectivity between devices. If you have other Z-Wave products, Z-Wave plus thermostats appear as a new node within your smart home network. But to control a Z-Wave thermostat, you’ll need a Z-Wave compatible hub such as Samsung Smartthings, Wink or one of the USB Z-wave sticks (eg.

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The Best Z-Wave Thermostat - buildyoursmarthome.co Challenging the CT100 by 2Gig, the Radio Thermostat CT100 is the Z-Wave smart thermostat by the company with the same name. Delivering their new plus version, Radio Thermostat have made sure that their device now supports the latest iteration of the Z-Wave home automation protocol.

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I would not do any direct associations between the thermostat and the boiler. Do not completely rely on a Z-Wave device controlling your HVAC. Ensure that your boiler will operate normally even if the Z-Wave network is down. Use logic in Openhab to control the setpoint.

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However, on my Horstmann thermostat (HRT4-ZW), I have all four groups associated with the Z-Wave Controller (HS3) and in particular group2 for switch binary(v1) SET command class to the boiler receiver node. This was the default. However, I have no instant status of this switch binary.

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Sep 17, 2018 · Trane XR524 Z-Wave Thermostat This thermostat is from another leading brand in heating and cooling, with a large, touch screen control panel. It's about as easy to install as other Z-Wave thermostats and boasts built-in scheduling to efficiently manage your home's temperature during different times of the day.

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Using Z-Wave and Nest Together To some extent Z-Wave and Nest are competing technologies, with both offering ways to control the heating in your home and both capable of providing security for your home with Smoke / CO Alarms and CCTV camera integration. However, each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses, so which do you choose?


Popp 010101 Heating Thermostat. Thi device is a Z-Wave controlled electronic radiator thermostat. It is SDK 4.5, has Explorer Frame Support and increased net.. 46.35 € 3 or more 41.86 € 5 or more 38.87 €

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Z-Wave garage doors, blinds, and roller shutters are supported as cover in Home Assistant. To get your Z-Wave covers working with Home Assistant, follow the instructions for the general Z-Wave component.

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Jul 23, 2019 · Zigbee can support way more devices at a given time – 65,000+ devices, or nodes on the mesh network, in fact. Z-Wave, on the other hand caps out at 232 devices, which, let's face it, is still more than enough for most households.

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All non-battery-operated Z-Wave devices within the network will act as Z-Wave repeaters—regardless of vendor—to increase reliability of the network. The SmartThings Hub is a security-enabled Z-Wave product. When a security-enabled Z-Wave device is added to the Hub's network, its secure communication will be 128-bit AES encrypted.

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SRT322 is a Z-Wave electronic room thermostat, supplied with a boiler actuator receiver featuring TPI energy saving software. Wireless communications and battery operation make installation quick and simple. The battery powered thermostat displays RF status, while the receiver is mains powered and features volt-free contacts.


The STP328 is a battery operated wall controller capable controlling a boiler actuator via a Z-Wave wireless connection.

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Z-Wave is a wireless based home automation system for controlling and automating lights and appliances. It can be used as a security system or to monitor and control your property remotely. Z-Wave is a protocol, it's not made by any one manufacturer or sold by any one company.

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Z-Wave is a mesh network protocol commonly used in home automation systems. A number of manufacturers such as GE, Trane, Honeywell, Kwikset, Yale, and others have built Z-Wave devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, and garage doors.

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Set your life in motion with the GE Z-Wave In-Wall Occupancy/Vacancy Switch. This energy-efficient sensor works with your home's gateway to wirelessly trigger scenes and send alerts for motion with occupancy, vacancy and manual modes.

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Most Z-Wave Smart Thermostats require power via battery or your HVAC system’s 24VAC “C” Wire. Set smart daily heating or cooling schedules that you can integrate with other smart home scenes and monitor via your smart hub’s app.

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Support. Where to buy. Contacts. Subscribe. About us. More HELTUN Heating Thermostat HE-ZW-THERM-FL2 Downloads. Presentation (En) HE-ZW-THERM-FL2 v1.0. OTA Firmware

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FIBARO Home Center 2 is a device designed to manage your intelligent home using the FIBARO System. This gateway may control up to 230 devices via the wireless Z-Wave communication protocol. The user-friendly, graphic interface allows to create the scenes in three different ways – Magic Scenes, Block Scenes and LUA Scenes.

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Z-WaveTouchscreen. Honeywell's VisionPRO Z-Wave offers you top-of-the-line features to easily integrate comfort control into your automated home. You’ll enjoy the convenience, energy savings and consistent comfort for years to come.

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Using Z-Wave technology, end users have the ability to use the 2GIG Go!Control panel to control the thermostat, confi gure programming se « ngs, as well as to display current condi ons in the home or offi ce.

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Prevent Leaks. Automatically shut off the water main when there is a leak. Pair the Water Main Shut-Off with a few Leak Sensors, and configure your Hub to automatically close the valve when water is detected.


Z-Wave Plus enabled thermostat. DOWNLOAD. l Applied for boiler and valve controls. l Tempered glass with capacitive touch buttons. SUPPORT User Manual Catalog

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Jul 07, 2016 · I don't know if there are Z-Wave thermostats that support this. It might be tricky, but you may be able to use ISY programs to do it. He probably doesn't even need a thermostat then, an IOLinc attached to his boiler would probably be enough then.

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You can connect it to your SmartThings Classic setup, but performance may vary and we will not be able to provide support or assistance. The RCS TZ45 Thermostat is a Z-Wave thermostat that can be combined with SmartThings to wirelessly and efficiently control heating and cooling from anywhere. With the SmartThings mobile app, you can automate