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Our boiler fuel and coal were kept in our coal bunker which was outside the back door. Unlike the one in the picture, it was a home-made brick built container large enough to hold a winter's worth of sack loads with rectangular holes at the bottom for coal shovels to get into.

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Back boilers shouldn't be used without the fire in place it can be blanked off if faulty but not removed baxi make a condensing back boiler iirc but if you want a wood burner anyway it wouldn't matter you would fit a boiler elsewhere and use the fireplace and chimney for a wood burner the flexible liner would need removing not suitable for log burners I believe

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Jul 06, 2010 · When it was launched in 1966, the Baxi Bermuda back boiler revolutionised home heating. The idea was simple: a boiler to provide heating and hot water in the home, which fitted into the existing fire place, rather than taking valuable floor or wall space elsewhere in the home.

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coal fires with back boilers - "Back-Fire Problems With a Clayton Wood/Coal Furnace. I heard it popping and such. After 2-3 minutesthere was a "back-fire" out of the lower ash door. It shot out about 2-3 feet. I though that was very strange.

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Coal Fires with Back Boilers. Also commonly found in the home are coal fires with back boilers. This type of coal boiler transports the fuel from a coal fire, which is placed in one room, to a separate boiler at the back of the house.

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with back boilers Wood-fuelled stoves with back boilers A wood-fuelled (biomass) stove with a back boiler is a stove that provides heat not only into the room (like a conventional stove) but hot water to run one or more radiators as well. In some instances biomass stoves with back boilers are used to provide domestic hot water as well.

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Jul 24, 2008 · Friend has housing association house with single coal fire in lounge that also feeds back boiler that feeds 3 radiators downstairs, secondary radiator in lounge then bathroom and kitchen, electric circulation pump, electric immersion heater back up on hot water supply.

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Apr 02, 2015 · Realistically, if you’re looking to change your central heating from a back boiler to a combi boiler, with the old boiler decommissioned, you’d be looking to pay roughly £2,800 – £3,000. However, if you decide to rip your old boiler out and redecorate, you may be paying anything between £500 – £1,000 extra. Plan of action

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We hope and expect to provide products and a service to meet the highest standards, from providing heat and hot water for the whole house through the use of our award winning stoves and back boilers, to providing the unique atmosphere only an open fire can create. All our open fires, boilers and stoves are handmade in Yorkshire, England. Our

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i have a back boiler and it heats 9 rads , hot water all day and keeps house cosy , great if you have acess to logs, turf, your own coal mine , lots of people getting stoves, back boilers fitted again. i use logs, coal and a big pile of slack keeps going all night .

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Unfortunately for some years now, it has not been possible to replace the fire fronts on Baxi Bermuda back boilers or Glowworm Back Boilers. The best option would be to buy a inset gas fire and replace the back boiler with a combination or conventional boiler, which would be fitted and supplied by your Local installer.

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At the time a back boiler was the cheaper option to install and was more energy efficient. The back boiler relies on a very simple system with few components when compared to modern boiler technology and, as a result, has a reputation for reliability and endurance with many still operating today.

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Dec 06, 2010 · Wayne, I also have a coal fire linked to oil CH boiler. My system was wired similar to yours, it sounds. It could just be that the back boiler will not sustain a long period of heat before cooling off. Mine heats rads hot for perhaps 20 mins before becoming just warm.

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Oct 13, 2004 · the oil fired boiler and pipes coming from the back boiler are both in the room below the bathroom i've already been up into the loft to rule out the galvanized tank, but now know i've probably only found the back boiler expansion tank as it was tiny (18x12x12). didn't know i had a back boiler until i lit the coal fire for the first time this week!

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Jan 08, 2016 · Hi I have recently had a combi boiler put in my council house to replace my back boiler but they didn’t remove the back boil from my lounge I have an electric fire in the hole but I’m looking to cover the hole with out having to remove the back boiler I assume that is have Been disconnected from the gas?? Will this be safe to do

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Stoker Coal Boilers automatically feed the coal and have controls and pumps just like any conventions boiler. They are intended to be used as a primary heat and often have domestic hot water coils as an added bonus. They can be set up independently or in dual sytem with your existing oil/gas boiler.

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The redundant solid fuel back boiler had been left in a sealed condition and sometime later, when a coal or wood fire was lit in front of the boiler, the unit heated up sufficiently for the internal pressure to cause the boiler casing to explode. Where can the risk arise?

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Each boiler stove includes a back boiler. This component takes some of the stove's radiant heat output to use for heating hot water and central heating. Boiler stoves are fuel-efficient, helping to reduce heating bills, and ensuring that you are less reliant on gas or electricity to power your home.

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May 08, 2015 · The question. When removing old open fireplaces in order to install a wood-burning stove, it is fairly common to encounter on old back boiler. This is a boiler system design to take heat generated by the fire and transport it to heat radiators or water in other parts of the property.

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Old wood burning fireplaces may have been blocked off and coal stoves had been piped into the old chimney flues. Some buildings still have their original coal fired boiler or furnace, but it has been converted to fuel oil or gas. In many 19th century homes, an old abandoned chimney used to serve a coal cooking range in the original kitchen.

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In the Age of Steam, when ships were powered by coal-fired boilers, coal was fed by hand—which is to say by a guy with a shovel. This position, generally called a stoker, was a hot, incredibly dirty, and physically exhausting job.

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May 21, 2018 · The gas fire, back boiler and flue all need to be taken out, which is likely to cause damage to the hearth surround. But this means you can build a more modern-looking fireplace. Fitting a

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Back to the top Firefox boiler stoves Aarrow boiler stoves. Aarrow Ecoburns and Aarrow Acorn stoves can come with clip in backboilers. These backboilers can supplement your hot water (or provide all of it if you run the stove for long enough) and the larger stoves can also run a radiator or two.

Baxi offers advice if you have an old back boiler in your home

Jul 06, 2010 · A choice of fire surrounds, complete with back panels and hearths, so you can choose the perfect design to complement your fire. Frequently asked questions. Q Can I replace my back boiler and keep the old gas fire? A No. In order to make it a condensing boiler, the flue, which goes up the chimney, has to be replaced with a single concentric flue.

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Baxi Bermuda Back Boilers provide a ready-made solution and are the only boiler brand to release a modern condensing back boiler. Baxi Bermuda has revolutionized the replacement of old back boilers as there is no more the need to relocate the boiler which results into saving hundreds of pounds.

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Traditionally, Multi-Fuel boilers have been sold as wood/coal combinations. Due to EPA regulations, and no EPA Phase 2 approval for the the Multi-Fuel updraft units, they are sold for use with coal. When starting a new fire in the Multi-Fuel boilers, wood is the fuel of choice.

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My old house had a back boiler. When it was (many moons ago) converted to gas from the original coal fire the back boiler remained. You didn't need the gas fire on the way you needed the coal fire on to heat the water anymore but it wasn't a combi boiler which supplies instant heating and hot water.

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A great all-round coal for multi-fuel stoves and fires. House Coal is a great option if you’re looking for good quality, traditional coal and comes in smaller pieces than House Doubles. Columbian Group 2 Coal is often seen as the premium house coal. It burns with a high flame and has a good heat output.

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Discounted ORIGINAL BAXI spares for Baxi open STANDARD & BURNALL Underfloor Draught coal & wood fires. Baxi Replacement spare parts: Ashpans / Ashbox, Grates, Side Cheeks, Firebricks.

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Coal fire back boiler | DIYnot Forums. 2012-11-23·Our back boiler just looks like a box in the back of the fire with a draw pull on it with a header tank upstairs in the loft and there is a stop tap at the side of the chimney, it's the first time i've lived in a house with out gas central heating this is why i'm unsure whether its a stupid or not lol suppose it never hurts to ask does it, the

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Wood burners with back boilers utilise the same wood fuel and awesome flame effects as regular wood burnign stoves, but by channeling water through a back boiler jacket inside the stove you can produce hot water for use in other rooms and boost your wood burners heating potential.

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They are usually made from cast iron, and they are a legacy, since the time the water was heated by a coal fire. With a pretty rapid appearance of smokeless zones and popularity of gas fires, it became very easy to fit such boilers. At the very beginning of their use, back boilers with gas fires weren’t highly efficient.

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May 04, 2004 · Hence I'm pretty sure this is a back boiler system?) from looking at B & Q it would seem that all the modern looking gas fires do not work with back boilers. Is this this the case? I am correct in assuming that to replace the gas fire i either need to: - buy another back boiler type fire. (and these all seem to be very large ugly things !)

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The GRANT Easy-Clean Triple Pass Back Boiler is designed to provide your home with heat and hot water and is a great alternative to an external boiler. Unlike a wall mounted boiler, a back boiler is installed behind your fireplace stove meaning you save valuable space in your home.

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Oct 01, 2017 · I'm looking to remove a coal fire which has a back boiler and has recently been in use. Pipes now disconnected etc but finding it very difficult to even attempt to remove it seems there is a lintel about a meter up from ground but below is all bricks with a small opening for the recent coal fire.

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Mar 26, 2012 · Gas Work I would like to change my gas fire which is fitted to a back boiler,this back boiler has been trouble free and i don't waant to change it,but i can't find anyone who would change the gasfire for me.

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open coal fire back boiler | Plumbing Advice | Gas . 24/10/2010· open coal fire back boiler Discussion in 'Central Heating Forum' started by angosmyth, Oct 22, 2010. There was at one time a HSE leaflet circulated about back boilers behind fires, that required a hole to be drilled into the boiler jacket. If its been done that Go . Learn More

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Coal Fireplace with Back-boiler - Help :) Coal fireplaces are rare these days and one thing I would check is whether you are in an area that expects you to burn